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Thread: Guineapigs, Coconuts, herbs and changed Tom

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    Guineapigs, Coconuts, herbs and changed Tom

    I would really like to have guineapigs as pets in hayday. They could live in little houses, like the rabbits as well, but maybe just a kind of bush or a small wooden hut for them? There could be 2 kinds (of course I would like even more, but there aren't that many kinds for most other pets either), one with short, silky hair or "rosettes", one with long hair or curls.

    And it would be awesome to have coconut trees, there could be products like coconut oil, coconut drink/cocktail, coconut shreds (which you would need to produce a coconut cake and the new coconut chocolate cake). And parsley would be nice as well, just for harvesting on our fields. We could make a kind of mixed salad with it and taboulé salad a sandwich. Or how about parsley as a little bush? Maybe even basil, dill and thyme? Or how about an extra piece of land, called "herb garden", where we could plant these herbs?

    And I know a perfect solution for Tom. We all know how annoying it is to wait for him, especially if you're busy (with work, household, or just daily life). Many people even set an alarm for him, especially during night.

    Of course, you could say that everyone could just look after themselves and not set an alarm for the night. But there are many people who don't have much money, so they are using their diamonds very carefully, which means that they set an alarm for every 2 hours, to get the most out of their Tom time. (I don't set alarms for him, though, but I know many people who do/did that).

    So, my solution for it would be: Let us use Tom 12 times a day, instead of every 2 hours. You could send him even 12 times in a row. But not more than 12 times within 24 hours. The Tom boosters would just add more times to use, instead of more time in general. So, for example, a 1 star booster for Tom could be 4 extra uses, a 2 star one 6 extra uses, a 3 star one 8 extra uses, a 4 star one 10 a 5 star booster could be 12 extra uses.

    Please give us at least a guineapig decoration. Lol sorry, but I really wished for guineapigs in the game since 2014.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hoping to also see Mangoes, papayas, etc new products added regularly to keep the game going .

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    Quote Originally Posted by krishnank View Post
    Hoping to also see Mangoes, papayas, etc new products added regularly to keep the game going .
    I agree, would be awesome. I know many people who stopped playing, because it became boring for them.

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