XPARASFX /#2YURQCUPG/ / Level 4 Clan / Recruiting TH8+
Hello, I'm the leader of two clans: The Hairy Moon (#GU0VJUV) and Hunter x Hunter (#LL880UJQ). We are currently recruiting for both CWL rosters.




Level 4 War Clan
War 3 times per week (Heroes MUST be available)
Clan games usually finished in under 24-78 hours

How do you fit in?

Mid level TH9s and higher for CWL
TH8s and higher are welcome for everyday gameplay

Information For Clans:

clans are international groups, so activity may be seen at any time of the day or night.

Respect is given to all players at all times. Toxicity, drama, elitists, etc. is weeded out quickly. There is just no place for it here.

Basic Requirements For Our Clan:

- Be active & stay active while a part of our team
- Get a minimum of 30 victories each season
- Be a member of our Discord group
- Be respectful of your fellow clan members
- Participate in war from time to time
- Opt out of war if a hero is upgrading or if you're too busy
- Use both attacks in war ALWAYS. NO EXCEPTIONS!
- NEVER attack in war without a full CC and spells
- Follow directions via in game mail and / or Discord
- Get 2000 points minimum in clan games
- Donate correct troops and pull your own weight (no set ratio, but you need to show us you're doing your part)
- I'll say it again: BE ACTIVE & STAY ACTIVE
- Most importantly....... BE LOYAL!