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    Isn’t “average time taken” the tiebreaker for perfect wars??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamg1999 View Post
    Isn’t “average time taken” the tiebreaker for perfect wars??
    Shortest time, not average is for Builder Base. This discussion is Home Village and the only current tiebreaker is % destruction which does not work for the occasional perfect war. 100% vs 100%
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    (got here from a closed thread about winstreak in the Clan Wars subforum)

    Me and a few clanmates are trying to level up a clan, and we are playing 5v5 to 20v20 wars with mini accounts there.

    We found that, in order to level up the clan as fast as possible, we need to wait and see if our opponent gets a perfect score.

    If they score perfect, then it's better for us to lose the war, as we found that after a 100% draw we'll get matched to a similar skill opponent, and the clan XP you get from a draw is exactly the same you get from a loss (assuming you hit all the bases).

    If they don't perfect us, then it's worth trying to win (and we usually win against opponents who can't perfect us, lol) so we get more clan XP.

    A tiebreaker would be most welcome, as waiting for the opponents to perfect or fail is quite boring.

    Edit: or give both clans half of the clan XP victory reward in case of a draw (meh)
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    Our main clan is currently playing for a draw. The enemy has won 100%. Their best time against our #1 was 1m 53s.

    It would be nice if we sneak a win by beating their #1 in faster time, and 100%.

    Would this give us the advantage by knowing what time has to be beaten? Maybe. To give them a sliver of advantage back, I syuggest that if we only tie for time against #1, they win because they got it first.

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