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    Clan Games January 2021 - Details Here

    It's the first Clan Games of 2021! The rewards are below.

    Dates: January 22-28
    Max points per player: 4000
    Points needed for bonus reward tier: 4000


    Tier 1: 3000
    • Research Potion (x1)
    • Gems (x20)
    • Training Potion (x1)

    Tier 2: 7500
    • Gold (20% of Treasury capacity)
    • Elixir (20% of Treasury capacity)
    • Resource Potion (x1)

    Tier 3: 12,000
    • Builder Potion (x1)
    • Power Potion (x1)
    • Gems (x40)

    Tier 4: 18,000
    • Elixir (80% of Treasury capacity)/Dark Elixir (100% of Treasury capacity)
    • Wall Ring (x6)
    • Shovel of Obstacles (x1)

    Tier 5: 30,000
    • Rune of Builder Elixir (x1)
    • Builder Potion (x2)
    • Gold (80% of Treasury capacity)

    Tier 6: 50,000
    • Book of Building (x1)
    • Rune of Builder Gold (x1)
    • Gems (x100)

    Boosted tasks that give bonus points when completed:

    • Elixir Pump Elimination
    • Gold Storage Raid
    • Cannon Carnage
    • Archer Tower Assault
    • Dark Elixir Plumbers
    • Destroy Inferno Towers
    • Destroy X-Bows
    • Barbarian Brawl
    • Balloon Blitz
    • Boxer Giant Punch-Up
    • Builder Battle Victories
    • Builder Battle Destructor
    • Open Walls Day
    • PEKKA Punch-Up
    • Ride of the Valkyries
    • Gold Mine Mayhem
    • Destroy Tesla Towers
    • Destroy Archer Queen Altars
    • Elixir Storage Raid
    • Clan Castle Charge
    • Destroy Barbarian King Altars
    • Winning Streak
    • Eagle Artillery Elimination
    • Pile of Victories
    • Lord of Destruction
    • Double Cannon Trouble
    • Fireman On Duty
    • Unguarding the Posts
    • Fire All Barrels!
    • Builder Hall Blow-Up
    • Bombs Away!
    • Unwinding Clock Towers
    • Gem Heist
    • Giant Problem
    • Builder Battle Star Master
    • Gold Grab
    • Elixir Embezzlement
    • Dark Elixir Heist
    • Mortar Mauling
    • Laboratory Strike
    • Spell Factory Sabotage
    • Dark Spell Factory Sabotage
    • Destroy Air Defenses
    • No-Magic Zone
    • No Heroics Allowed
    • Super Pekka Smash-Em-Up
    • Battle Blimp Boogie
    • Building Breakdown
    • Building Boom Boom
    • Speedy Stars
    • Sneaky Shenanigans
    • Flying Fortress
    • Scattershot Sabotage
    • Scattershot Sabotage
    • Healing is Magic
    • Cold Weather Day
    • Toxic Tussle
    • Ground Is Angry
    • Swarm Season
    • Rage of the Valkyries
    • Superior Magic
    • Feeling Frosty
    AKA Tank Puppy

    If you have account-related questions like account bans or Supercell ID issues, please contact Player Support at this link. Please note that Community Managers and Forum Moderators are unable to assist or answer any account-related questions.

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    Nice rewards. Needed the builder potions to finish hero upgrades before CWL.

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    I approve it for my accounts

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    Nice rewards. BoB was needed. Just feeling a bit greedy to expect two books

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    Two of my fav rewards are in the same tier rune of gold and bob. My bonus rewards will be on that tier. Overall is neat!

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    Thanks for the heads-up Darian.

    I have a dozen TH9's in a mini clan, a lot of them with 20+ heroes, that are already sitting on a BoB. This looks like an ideal suite of rewards to bump 4 or 6 to TH10, with lab & CC taken care of for next CWL.

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    Nice year start rewards 😁.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    We had found a bug with how the Super Potion was added to the Clan Games so it was removed. Unfortunately, there's no one around to fix it so we'll bring back the Super Potion in the next Clan Games.
    And thank you for giving super potion in season challenges as very first reward of the year. And not in clan games 😅
    Last edited by PKapoor; January 21st, 2021 at 01:59 PM.

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    Very good for my account which moved to TH12 today 🥳🥳🥳

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    Not bad, the rewards are good!

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    Thanks for the info. It would be nice if we could also see the values of those boosted tasks (or at least the most valuable ones).

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. Click here to see how war map placement of max halls is determined. An idea to improve legends here. I wish max players had a separate loot bank as described here. Caution, I often discuss for the sake of discussion and enjoy having my opinion challenged (or approved of) even when I care little about the actual issue. My balance wish: get rid of tornado trap, make it a decoration.

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