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    Th13 Attack Meta Rundown

    I have been out of the loop for the last few months. Could you all let me know what th13 meta attacks are working? Much appreciated.

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    Whatever you are most skilled with.

    There are a number of attacks, both air and ground with which people have success.

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    I have been out of the loop for the last few months. Could you all let me know what th13 meta attacks are working? Much appreciated.
    Hybrid and lalo(sui,blizzard,qc).
    There are plenty others as well but the mentioned ones are most successful in both legends and war.
    For easy one,try mass ed.
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    Electros or straight dragons + balloons + some combinations of Zap and Rage combined with either a log launcher or blimp with supergobs / eltectrone / blizzard inside gets you a safe 2* but not 3*. I'm currently happy with that because I've been struggling with my newish TH13s.

    3* seem to be mostly laloon or supertroop-based, with some others if you're really good at reading a base. Itzu's youtube channel is interesting.
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    A wide variety of attacks are good right now, so it depends on the base you're attacking and whatever you're good with.
    If I had to pick the top two, I would say it's lalo and hybrid if you know how to use them. Other than that you can use super witches, dragloon/dragbat, pekka or yeti bowler smash, mass inferno drags, mass witches and many other new strategies like 8 earthquake super giant bowitch. They all work.

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    Pekkasmash, Hybrid and Sui Lalo are the Top 3. If you master one of those, you can force it on any base with the possibility of 3 stars.

    The current meta allows a variety of different strategies to be sucessful, those 3 are just the most versatile.

    Other strategies that should work on every base are QC Lalo, Zap Dragons, QC Hogs, Superwitches, Yetismash, Electrone/Blizzard Dragons

    More base dependant are Edrags, mass hogs, (Inferno-)Dragons w. Skellies, Golem avalanche w. Superwizards, Dragbat, Pekkabobat, mass Hybrid, mass witches

    There are probably even more, those are just the ones that came to my mind and that are seen in competitive matches.

    What I like about th13, is that you can get really creative in your attacks. The downside is that defense is quite frustrating.
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    Strategy like edrags, lavaloon, qw hogs, hybrid works -- like it did an year ago and are sufficient to get three stars on any base

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    Mass Hog, Mass Miner, Hybrid (HogMiner), Yeti Smash, Pekka - Bowler, DragBats, LavaLoon, all of these army comps are still viable, just go with the one that you're the most comfortable with.

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    For ground strategy I recommend Hybrid and Yeti + Bowler Smash for Air strategy Blizzard Sui Lalo. How to master those 3 attack strategy is by using them whenever you farm bases and then applying it to clan wars. Hybrid for example you have to learn how to Queen Charge and deploying your troops @ 1:45. Yeti + Bowlers are more on spam attacks. Blizzard Sui Lalo is strong too you just need to master the right timing for deploying your blimp. Superwizards can destroy almost half of the defenses if your successful. Try to alternate those 3 strategies whenever you farm or loot bases you'll master it quickly.

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