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    I cannot do an important attack while in a noisy place (including the game sounds, which I have always had off).
    I also cannot improve my attacks by having repeated friendly challenges. However much I try I only lose my tracks, and get worse at it. So I end up performing all my attacks fresh, from scratch (after scouting though).
    As a result, I am an average attacker... or less than; but enjoy playing games, for their entertainment this one in particular.

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    Mine is on Army Training queue. I always queue them in one particular order regardless how I change my troops composition ever since TH9, attackers (wiz, valks, miners, bowlers, etc.), support troop (healers), tanks (ice golem/pekka), then clean ups troops (baby dragon, etc.). I never queue Wallbreakers even though I always use them every raid, because sometimes I might not use all of them in a raid, and their cook times is fast, so...

    Oh Spells too, for some reason I queue 2 Rages, 1 Heal, 1 Jump, then 1 Rage at the end. This is because I will for sure use the first 4 spells in every raid, but the last Rage will depending on whether I need it, so to avoid having too many Rages spell for my next raid. It's funny when I think about it, but it is some sort of rituals for myself.

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    War attacks must always be conducted naked. A sense of freedom really relaxes you and a well thought out attack is applied perfectly.

    There are a few problems if the attack occurs on a train but needs must.

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    Before war attacks I always check my battery level before pressing attack

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    Looking at my Achievements on my profile. I like giving an estimate of when I will finish them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIN2020 View Post
    3 I always put 1 barb in the corner of the base in BB before deploying my witches.
    LOL my mans traumatized by the double giant bomb trend
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