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    Quote Originally Posted by Tollboothwillie View Post
    You would prefer they ban players on the assumption that they will commit the crime?
    Innocent until proven guilty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    They don't "omit that for years".

    A bunch of them were banned a few months ago. And again a few months later. I'm sure they will be yet again before long.
    The time accounts were banned, it was easy to see the win trading, as they simply didn’t attack (end at 0%), giving an actual defense. Nowadays, they ‘win trade’ by getting a 1 star defense. How do you identify these as win trades? 1 stars happen all the time, both due to bad attacks or even loss of connection.

    I saw the base of one of those top 10 players, and it is one with a massive layer of walls (4-5 wall layers) around the TH. With a base like this, they can guarantee a 1 star defense if they just plonk down everything without thinking & closing the app.

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    I've said before and agree with OP here that the decorations and names should be removed until after the attacks in legends. There is very little benefit to seeing the names and decorations ahead of time and a lot of problems with allowing it to happen.

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. Click here to see how war map placement of max halls is determined. An idea to improve legends here. I wish max players had a separate loot bank as described here. Caution, I often discuss for the sake of discussion and enjoy having my opinion challenged (or approved of) even when I care little about the actual issue. My balance wish: get rid of tornado trap, make it a decoration.

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    Reaching over 7000 trophies is not impossible but still dubious in the current meta when no base stand a chance above 5700-5800 cups.

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