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Thread: [RECRUITING] FightingFarmers | BRAND NEW lvl 1 | Recruiting th3 + | War/CG/Farming

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    [RECRUITING] FightingFarmers | BRAND NEW lvl 1 | Recruiting th3 + | War/CG/Farming

    FightingFarmers are recruiting!

    We are FightingFarmers, But what accetually do you know about the clan, well let me explain.
    So like our names tells you, You can join for the future wars, Or you can join for donating and farming / getting donated.

    We are a brand new, Mature clan, And we have a hourly active leader. In our clan everyone takes part in clan games so we can all take some nice rewards with us to our base. We also have a very nice discord setup full with a clan feed, War reminders, Rules and requirements!

    Overall its a very good place to make new friends and or connections.

    Much more i can't tell about the clan, so lets just say you might want to find out the rest for your self!

    We have a few requirements for everyone before joining.

    Our requirements are:
    th3 and up.
    400+ trophies.
    Activity daily.
    Adult behaviour.
    to have a discord.
    having a good time!


    We would like to see you come around and have a little chat chat with us.

    Here is our code to the clan
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