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Thread: What's your avg time for scoring 1st star?

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    What's your avg time for scoring 1st star?

    I usually do 1 min 30 secs.

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    Usually below 3 minutes.

    Is this one of those base identifying parameters talked about here:
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    Since I have never kept track of such, I have absolutely no idea at what point in time my first is gained, on average.

    But I will say this ... Being in Legends I never take the Speedy Stars task (stars within first minute in multiplayer battles). Would have to be lucky to get one within that time. For versus battles though, I do often take the Sudden Stars task, there I expect at least one, and possibly a second, star within first minute.

    So for multiplayer my answer is "longer than 1 minute but less than 3". Best I can guess having never tracked such.
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    This depends on the attack and the base layout. Anything that starts with a Queen Charge will necessarily take longer unless the TH is on the early part of the charge.

    Other attacks that rely on a quick TH strike then clean up would take less time.
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    I am in Titan, most of the time I triple base within 1min20sec to 2mins. Most of the time my first star and second star is before 1 minute mark, as I usually get the TH when my destruction is more or less close or over 50%.

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    I'm a queen charger so if I'm charging the townhall ( rarely ) , first star within the first minute . Otherwise between 1:30 to 2:00.

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    Mine average would be 1:30

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    Curious as to why this question was asked? There are too many variables to get an accurate average. yes, we can get an average...but it is easily manipulated.

    1. Depends on the base.
    2. Depends on my comp.
    3. Are we talking farming or war?
    4. Depends on whether or not I want trophies (aka...avoiding hitting the TH)
    5. I'm sure I can come up with more...

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    Tbh when I do hybrid attacks the 1st star is scored in around 1:30 minutes but when i do electrodragon spam attack i score 2 stars in around 40 secs
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    Usually, around the 70-80 seconds mark. Sometimes, it can go for longer.

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