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    Question How do I see latest threads

    Hi I just started playing Clash of Clans a month ago I am currently in TH7 because I bought more builder and gemmed alot, and I just discovered this website from searching attack strategies for TH7.... I registered an account for it but when I view threads I always see dates that are 2014,2016 and 2017. Tell me how do I view latest threads

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    Tap on New Posts as shown here:

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    Thank You TerMinus for the awesome sig!

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    Within each sub forum, you can sort the threads by clicking where it says "Last Post By". Click on that until the arrow is pointing down, and you will have the threads that have been posted to most recently at the top - apart from the Sticky posts, which are "stuck" to the top, regardless of age.

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    HI HI Thanks!

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    To add to the help you received already, and just to avoid confusion: this forum only displays limited features on mobile, it is preferable to view on ‘full site’. Also check the links in my signature below for other guides to use the forum.

    Also, the stickied threads at the top of each subforums are helpful to help use those forums. For example you could improve your recruitment thread by reading the [tips]... and beware of not creating multiple threads there, or bumping them too often.

    Enjoy the forums,

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    Thanks ajax.

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