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Thread: Need adult home, relaxed clan. Happy to war. CWL and max CG.

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    Hello Bob, we might be the kind of clan you're after

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    Hi bob, we are adult friendly level 19 US clan. Georgia Tech !!, but you donít need to be associated with the school. Not a lot of chat as people have busy lives, but check in regularly. Have naturally lost some players over the years and would be great to add your accounts to our group if youíre time zone in US. Itís easiest for me if you can email me so we can talk.

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    Back on the market. Guess I said something wrong to a snowflake. Just a dude. I game. I drink. I am a new th12 looking to grow. Hit me up.

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    Cavebears, The Oldest Member Of The Bear Family, Is Looking For New Members

    Finding a new clan is like looking for a new home. You want it to be a fun place where you feel welcome and your skills both as a farmer and warrior are appreciated.
    Hereís where Cavebears comes in..
    We are the oldest of the Bear Family clans with a focus on activity and participation.
    Being active in chat, having fun, donating, building skills and warring with your fellow Cavebears is what to expect when you enter the Cave.
    We are very social and like nothing more than settling down by the fire, wrapped in our furs and sharing a skull cup of mead while discussing our victorious plunders.


    -This is the link to our Group Me room: You're invited to join my group "Cavebears - So...You Want To Be A Bear?" on GroupMe.
    -Mature members only (18+ recommended)
    -No profanity, or racial/gender slurs (if it isnít on prime-time TV, donít say it)
    -Be active in chat
    -Donate to all requests before requesting your own troops
    -Do not ask to be made an elder. Period.
    -BE NICE!!! Respect your clanmates at all times!
    -No clan hopping. Once youíre in the Bear Family, youíre in for life. Transfer within our sister clans for one week or longer is permitted with permission from a clan leader or Guardian.

    -War on Mondays and Thursdays
    - War Clan Castles are filled as a team.
    -Both war attacks are compulsory.
    -ďIf youíre green youíre in"

    If you have questions please feel free to send me a PM or join our Group Me room and ask over there.

    So if you like to donate, chat, and drink mead, come join us!
    and be sure to mention Thor in your join request!

    Apply ingame!!

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    Does R2D2 have any brothers?
    No, only transistors

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    Looking for new members that are active, donate, and like to learn and war frequently. Get in for league we need two more solid members.
    CLAN ID: # 9P2R9VP9

    Swampy Gootches

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