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Thread: TH 8 Lvl 77

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    TH 8 Lvl 77

    Username: Kindanoob1664
    Tag: Q8G8LCLCQ

    The clan I am currently in is mostly inactive. I am a pretty much maxed TH 8 with only walls left. I would prefer for a second spot open in the clan for my friend (TH11). He just got back into the game recently, so he is rushed.

    I prefer a relaxed clan where war isn't mandatory. Having at least 5 people in the clan already is preferred.
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    Centennial Club HydroPyro's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    We are always looking for smaller townhalls. Especially for wars.

    If you decide to give us a try, look us up in clash ("D'age Land" or #9C8J808G) and send a join request with "From forums" in your message.

    Direct link to D'age Land:


    We look forward to clashing with you!

    Py (#2VGQ8YC)
    Leader of D'age Land
    Two Stars Kill Wars

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    Isekai (Otherworld).
    Good day, Kinda, I am Rimuru Tempest, Village Head of Otherworlders, have you decided on a clan yet? I would like to invite you to my village to relax and enjoy a cup of tea.
    I will let my co, Elucidator, to send you an invitation, and if you have decided on a clan, you are still welcome to pay a short visit for us, we will be glad of your accompaniment

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    Name: StoRe cLasHeR
    Clan Level: 6
    CWL League Rank: Gold III
    Members: 30/50
    Location: International

    Clan Wars
    Clan Games
    Clan War Leagues

    Wars Won: 71
    Wars Lost: 14
    Wars Tied: 21

    We are more like a virtual family: people from all over the planet and of all age group.
    We do back to back wars but anyone can opt out. Also make sure to opt out if hero/heroes down.
    We don't blame for a attack-went-wrong in the war and also we don't usually kick people util anyone behave disrespectfully or kick other members.
    New players will not be added in the war after joining. When the new tag will be gone you will be added in the wars unless you opt out.
    We finish clan games and need everyone to take part to support the family. At least 3000 points per person.
    Currently we are doing 15vs15 CWL of Th12 to th8. But we add every single one in the roster.​

    Accepting Only:
    War & Community focused friendly folks who chat in game and WILLING TO ACT FOR THE WELLBEING of the CLAN. Any town hall level is welcome if you are active enough.

    Leader's Note:
    I am 27 years old, a simple guy who works as an financial advisor in a company. Most of us have work/study and all the real life ups and downs. So if you can't come online or miss an attack I can feel you there. But if possible, try to inform beforehand. Afterall
    we are a Warring Clan, a relaxed one

    How to Apply?
    Clan Link:

    Discord Link:
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