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Thread: Looking to rebuild old clan

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    Looking to rebuild old clan

    I am Mumm-ra #QYRCJCP0 is a lvl 12 clan with laid back, but competitive players that I’ve been with for a long time.

    We’re looking for some TH11-13, active daily, adult players that love to War and have a good time. Aiming to rebuild an old clan as We have grown tired of being in sub par clans with players that don’t care to get better at attacking. Last few clans had some decent members but we lost war after war due to players just dropping troops and praying for at least a star. After finishing last in CWL and getting demoted, We decided to leave and rebuild.

    We are a North American, English speaking clan as well. If you want to help build a great clan, please feel free to join us. We currently have 15 members and are all active daily. Mention the forum in your request. We don’t require discord or anything crazy.
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    Up to 15 members. Looking for th12&13 war ready players to help build the clan.

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