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Thread: New clan recruiting- ⭐️🏆💰🇬🇧UK 2021🇬🇧💰🏆⭐️

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    New clan recruiting- ⭐️🏆💰🇬🇧UK 2021🇬🇧💰🏆⭐️

    New clan recruiting:

    ⭐️🏆💰🇬🇧UK 2021🇬🇧💰🏆⭐️

    ▪️20+members already
    ▪️war/ war league/ clan games
    ▪️town hall 8+ right now
    ▪️got to be active and donate
    Im lvl 140 / Recently upgraded to town hall 11 and im active daily.

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    Liam, I commend you on your efforts to build up a clan, I’ve found it to be quite the challenge but worth the effort. I wanted to recommend to you that you include your Clan’s ID tag so players can look your clan up easier. I run a clan myself so hit me up if you’d like. Here’s a link to my clan’s thread:

    Glide Clash

    Good luck bro!

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