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    I'm also very frustrated with the group order requests not being available. I looked many times during the day and couldn't find a single one. They shouldn't count toward the reward goals unless they are going to be available every day.

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    Iím on level 30... what even is a group request??? The valley is kind of confusing to me. Usually I just drive around and complete requests and deliver stuff. I donít even bother with the animals because the sanctuaries are kind of far.

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    Last valley day and what a surprise I have a group request again. Of course none on the board (and it just started 30 minutes ago) which means I wonít get the last bonus because of the other days when NONE showed up.

    Thanks SC I believe you just made me realize that this game is too frustrating to keep playing. If you canít make it fair for the players then why bother? Keep focusing on your bot farm cleanup instead of making the game enjoyable.....

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