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Thread: Need TH8 Clan

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    Need TH8 Clan

    I want a proper TH8 clan to participate in clan wars

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    Do you mean, competitive th8 with F8 rules or something like that, or a TH8-only clan, or a mixed war clan that includes th8's?

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    If you would like here is my clan info: 2YCQ90L0Q (Black Summer)
    Its a fresh clan and we so far have a 2 wars won 0 losses 0 draws, we would love to have you part of our clan. the clan is mixed if you don't mind that. I am personally on almost 24/7 and we have a discord server/line chat if you need to contact someone if you need troops. We are serious about wars and are looking for the win each war we take place in. We are also looking for good people who want to be staff (Co-Leaders) in the clan maybe that could be you. Like I said we would love to have you, I will leave my personal discord, the link to the discord for the clan and the link to the line chat if you have one. I hope you consider.

    Link to clan discord:

    Link to Line group chat:

    My personal discord: Thomas.Gt#7594

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    We are always looking for smaller townhalls. Especially for wars.

    If you decide to give us a try, look us up in clash ("D'age Land" or #9C8J808G) and send a join request with "From forums" in your message.

    Direct link to D'age Land:


    We look forward to clashing with you!

    Py (#2VGQ8YC)
    Leader of D'age Land
    Two Stars Kill Wars

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    If you are still looking for a war clan, you are welcome to join The Abyssal One. Brand new war clan. Just got to TH7 and growing rapidly. Once we hit 5 people we are going to war. #2L9C8CURC

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