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Thread: Task gone and no one trashed

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    Task gone and no one trashed

    Iíve noticed on occasion that when I complete a task and go to start another one the board automatically removes a task. Or sometimes I will be looking at the board and someone else completes a task and one pops off by itself. Does this happen to anyone else?

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    Not this exactly but I have reported in bugs that the board is actually choosing tasks for us even when we are not present in the game! I run 2 hoods and it happened twice in each hood last derby. Twice it was 320 tasks and twice it was low tasks. One member was in her main account while the game chose a 320 goat milk task for her baby farm! It is happening again this week. I also posted on Reddit and another reported the same occurrence. This makes true competition impossible. Please fix these bugs supercell. All members have reported these bugs to support and not one has gotten a reply.
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