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Thread: Th13, 3 months from max besides walls, need an upcoming clan (not a champ 2 or 1 clan

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    Th13, 3 months from max besides walls, need an upcoming clan (not a champ 2 or 1 clan

    Im looking for a clan I can help push to the top with good mature personalities. These things are a must

    Adults only
    English only
    Active discord
    Co is earned and a spot is available
    A very active leader or leader circle w ambition
    At least 15 th13s most maxed.

    But most important I'm looking for a friendly, engaging clash family that enjoys talking to each other and having fun as themselves. I like to chat while I play and get involved in discord so mention that if you post.

    Im not gonna be war ready for some time, I wanna max my base first in low trophies then I have some guys who always 3 star who are gonna teach me. I have a long history of competitive gaming going back to mid 2000s, im confident ill be one of your best attackers by the end of the year.

    Anyways, the names Ben, im 30, and my discord is:

    Deadly Moment#6248

    #8JRLPQVCL - clash tag

    Heros 71/75/50/15
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    [Looking for TH13s/MERGER, we have 8 spaces maybe more] Lv17 | Masters 2 CWL 30v30

    Clan name - DA Boat Racers
    Clan tag - #QYOO89UP
    Clan level - 17
    Clan war league - Masters league 2 (30v30)
    Clan games - Max x2
    War frequency - Back to back
    War log - Open
    Location - UK/US/International
    Language - English speaking

    Adult clan/Competitive/Friendly/Here to have fun

    TH13 not rushed/not engineered (TH12 minis acceptable)
    War leagues are compulsory
    Clan wars are optional
    Do your best in clan games
    Try donate the same amount you request

    Have a question?
    Ask in-game or on discord

    Apply to the clan now, stating 'From forum'

    Clan games - Max x2

    More screenshots

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    XiT Woundz
    Sending a PM hope you swing by.

    Family Clans
    Entry Woundz #G2L9UV20
    we are cool #P22LQ9QY
    Thanks for the Sig TerMinus Prime

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    We're an adult war clan based in the US. Constant war (obviously you're free to opt out while you upgrade), good activity, and 2 CWL lineups. We're a mix of competitive and laid back, our more competitive lineup is Champs 3. We do use Discord, especially for leadership.

    Drop by after CWL and see if we're a good fit. It sounds like you might be looking for something a bit more hardcore than us, tough to tell.

    Veni Vidi Vici - #P98L89UV
    DaHolla - #2QC2CL8U0
    Veni Vidi Vici - #P98L89UV

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