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Thread: The game is choosing tasks for us!

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    The game is choosing tasks for us!

    I run 2 neighborhoods. One is 56 on the leaderboard and I say this only to emphasize that these players are not simpletons. Last week, we had the game choose 2 tasks in the main hood and 2 tasks in our annex hood while the players were not even in the game! Luckily 2 of the tasks were 320, but the other 2 were low tasks. None of these tasks were tasks that these members would have voluntarily taken. They all reported it to support and got no reply.

    We had hoped that the Monday update had fixed the problem, but already today our annex hood has experienced this glitch once again. We are a seriously competitive hood and value competition, but all strategy goes out the window when the game starts choosing your tasks for you!

    Has anyone else experienced this?
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