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Thread: New War Clan Looking For Active Members!

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    New War Clan Looking For Active Members!

    Name: TheDillow (Dog Pillow)

    Clan ID: #2YJQGCULY

    Description: TheDillow is a brand new war clan that is looking for members who are active, love war, are polite and who don't mind putting in a bit of work. I have been playing Clash of Clans for years, so I have plenty of tips to offer new players and have run many clans before. I'm not the only one who has experience, though, and there are plenty of others that can offer you helpful advice if need be. Below you will find more information about the clan, including the requirements to join. In general, though, you mainly need to be both active daily and want to participate in both war and clan games. Like I've previously said, this clan is still new so don't join expecting 30+ people to all donate max level troops to you. Hopefully, though, with time we can reach that point, and if you join now you can be apart of what gets us there. Also, this clan is not specifically for trophy pushers or farmers; as long as you meet the requirements and follow the rules, you are welcome. On top of all that, we want to ensure that people only get the highest quality of troops (we currently have some people with high level troops, so don't worry about that at the moment). You should not get donated any troops lower leveled than yours unless your donation request stated otherwise, and of course you can still request any level you want (see Rule 9 for more details). With that said (and I know this will be asked), there is a way to earn both elder and co-leader. Such ways are explained below (please read through everything, it is all important):


    1. You must be active daily. This is more of a loose requirement, though, as we know not everyone can log on everyday. However, we would like that you try to log on as much as possible. For more information, see Rule 4.
    2. Must be willing to attack in war. You may not always be in war, but you should be prepared and willing to be put in war at any time. You may not opt out of war unless you have a completely valid reason (like going on vacation or something), which in that case you must tell either the leader (jacobawesome7) or a co-leader.
    3. You must not have a rushed base (Google it if you don't know what that means). If your base is a little rushed (like a few low level walls or a low level cannon) then we may still allow you in and give you a limited amount of time to build your base up to the right level. You will not be put in war for this time, though, unless it is something small like low level globlins.
    4. You must be willing to participate in clan games. Clan games are important as they not only reward people will excellent items, but they also give the clan XP which allows it to level up and grant benefits to everyone in the clan.
    5. You must have a town hall that is level 6 or higher to join.
    6. You must have 800+ trophies to join.


    1. You must use both attacks in war. You don't have to 3 star, but as long as you put in maximum effort and use both attacks then you will be fine. If you don't use both attacks or it is blatant that you didn't try, then you will be kicked. The only exception is if you're elder or co-leader, which in the case of elder you will be demoted as a warning and co-leader will only get one free pass. If you don't attack the second time as co-leader, then you will be demoted to elder.
    2. You must have a score of 200 or higher in clan games. As explained above, clan games are very important (see Requirement 4) and therefore not pulling your own weight brings the whole clan down.
    3. Your donation ratio must be at least 1:1. Every week me and my co-leaders will look through the clan and kick those with a terrible donation ratio (this rule will start being enforced February of 2021). Of course, though, if your donation ratio is very close then an exception might be made (like 200 to 225).
    4. Though the requirements state you must be active daily, and it would be nice if you were, this rule is not going to be enforced too strictly. If you miss a day or two then it's fine. However, that's only if the clan is not at war. If we are at war, then everyone should at least log on for a bit everyday in case someone attacking requests for troops or wants some tips on how to take out their target.
    5. In war, you must attack your mirror (which means the number that matches your own). So, if you are number 15 then you should attack number 15 on the enemy side. After you attack your mirror, you may attack both above or below you ONLY if that person has already been attacked by their mirror. If you don't think you could defeat your mirror, please talk to one of the co-leaders and we'll figure out an alternative.
    6. Be nice. We want our clan to be welcoming and friendly, which means we don't want it to be polluted with ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s. So, don't be a ♥♥♥♥. If you want to give someone a tip about how to improve their base or attack strategy (which would be great), then do so nicely. Don't say something like: "Hey moron, your base sucks. Change this to fix it." Instead, say something like "Hey, your base looks good but here's something you could do to improve it."
    7. You must be at least 13 years of age to join this clan. We have no way of actually telling your age, though, but if it turns out that you have lied then you will be kicked. It doesn't matter if you are elder or co-leader, you will be kicked.
    8. You must fluently speak English and live in either North or South America. This is only because we want people to easily be able to communicate with each other and be on similar time zones.
    9. You may not donate troops that are of a lower level than what the person has, unless their donation request states otherwise. Whatever they request overrides this rule, so if they ask for level 5+ wizards and only have level 3 wizards, then don't donate to them unless you have level 5+ wizards (even if you have level 4 wizards).


    How to Earn Co-leader and Elder:

    • In order to earn elder, you must have donated 400 or more troops. Every season the donation ration resets, so just before it resets both me and my co-leaders will look through to find people that have the requirements for elder. You only lose the rank if you break one of the rules listed above.
    • In order to earn co-leader, you must have earned the trust of either jacobawesome7 (the leader) or Niftyswifty2002. No one else, not even other co-leaders, can give you the rank of co-leader. If they do, then they will be kicked and you will be demoted.



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    As of now, the clan has been switched to Invite Only. This is just to help prevent bots, however, and anyone is still free to join as long as they fit the requirements. Your account will be judged before being accepted, so there is no need to fill anything out.

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    This is a bump. Btw, we've got 18 members now and would love for you to join! Also, the clan has been switched back from "invite only" to "anyone can join"!
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