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Thread: Level 173 looking for a fun well run hood

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    Cool Level 173 looking for a fun well run hood

    At level 173 i am looking for a new home.

    What i am looking for:
    * friendly neighbors
    * leave your politics and insults at home and not on HD
    * do 10 tasks at full points 320/ 400
    * catch all 3 bunnies... i love those rewards
    * kik or discord for strategy
    * ability to complete derby by Thursday or Friday
    * well run hood
    * My barn is your barn, but once in awhile i need help too
    * at least 12 neighbors
    * realize that grace is needed if we mess up... no one is perfect

    A little about me....
    I am very active in town
    Love doing boat and town tasks
    Typically on HD every day, even when i travel
    In all the years i have played, i have never missed a derby
    Sundays are for church and family, so do not expect to see me till evening

    I live in the Chicago, IL, area, i love to read, write, play bridge, and play with my dog 🐶
    My tag is #2RC9J8V90
    On Discord i am Archer # 2721

    If you think i might be a good match for your hood

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    Deanne, you have queried my hood a few times now, come give it a trial for couple weeks see if we are a right fit for you. , cheers Robyn from The Active Help. ��

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    Red face Follow up

    Hi, thanks for your note.
    I would like to know more about your hood.

    I will try to find your hood info link... however i looked at a lot of ads, some more than once.

    Are you on kik or discord?

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    Will pm you

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    Sent you a pm.
    Ripley’s Farm #PQ9PUQQY
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    Christian Friends is a Champions League small neighborhood of very kind, helpful ladies who enjoy the derby but know it's not the end of the world if we don't place in the top 3 every week. We all do 320/400 tasks but spending those extra 10 diamonds isn't an absolute must.

    We believe in TEAMWORK and help one another with expansions and tasks, both daily and derby. We do expect you to give as much as you receive. We cheer for one another as well as care about the personal lives of our neighbors. We've been together for quite a few years and care for one another. You'll find we're a chatty bunch.

    We are English speaking and as we're all adult ladies ( and now one gentleman) we expect your language and temperment to reflect the same qualities as our veteran members.

    We don't meet all your criteria, but If you think you might be a fit, feel free to check us out Our tag is YCRJORQJ

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    Hi Deanne,
    I've pmed you. Hope to hear from you.
    MAGIC [Level 242 (#2yyjjcqc8)]
    Founder/Leader of Jovial Ville
    FB Messenger: Sharile Tan

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    Probably you already are in good hood, but to try there is nothing wrong right? So, if you are not, I would be very grateful if you can consider joining us. Just check out our hood & if you like it please join. Check out my post under neighborhood recruitment title: Join us in Rainbow neighborhood 🌈. Thank you, greetings Urska. Tag: #Y9JYJ2VG.

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    Come check us out!

    Kindred: similar in kind; one’s family
    Kith: familiar friends, neighbors, or relatives

    Established 1/30/17
    Kindred Kith is looking for a few good hoodies to help grow our neighborhood. Are you looking for your new forever home?

    Who we are:

    We are a small band of like-minded, championship league neighbors joined together for a fun, relaxing, derby-focused, drama-free time and to strengthen our efforts in the town and derby. Our derby goal is to regularly win GOLD, with an occasional silver or bronze.

    Potential members must:

    Speak fluent English
    Be an adult (18 years and up)
    Play daily (unless life gets in the way)
    Chat – its expected, especially when coordinating derby tasks
    Be helpful and courteous
    Work the town!
    Achieve maximum points per derby (10 x 320 point tasks), if opted in
    Additional point goal for special derbies
    Be at least level 60 – will consider a few lower level players if active, helpful and willing to grow with us
    Participate in derby regularly
    Willing to communicate with hoodies via KIK

    Current composition:

    Medium sized hood – 18 hoodies
    Farm levels – 69 through 195
    Town levels – 22 through 54
    Countries: Canada, USA, Vietnam, Indonesia
    Leader: Sam's Place (tag: #2JYYJ2LGR)

    Current Medals:
    Gold: 81
    Silver: 45
    Bronze: 26

    If interested, request to join! You can contact me through the forum or KIK (Samboville)

    Name: Kindred Kith
    Emblem: Blue dog on red circular background
    Tag: #89C99JCL

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    🌟 🐓WANTED!!! 🐷 💫 WANTED!!! 🐮 ❤️ WANTED!!! 🦆 ✨ NEW NH, SEASONED PLAYER looking 👀 for NEW PLAYERS & VETS!!! I’m in it to WIN IT!!! Let’s start this adventure TOGETHER 🖖


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