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    Sorry op, lalo and hogs are only attacks allowed in the game, itís clear because since th 9 they are only strats that remain a excusable attack to use. Anything else is deemed spam by pros and should be instantly removed from the game

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    There is no question that mass edrag are spamy attacks, but that does not mean they don't require skill. It is the top players or badly designed bases that made the attack look easy.

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    Please bulk the E drag more like it, and I'm sure the queen is only going to get stronger with each update

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    Edrags need to have higher hit points. They die too easily.
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    They definitely do not need to be nerfed

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    Edrags are either way too OP or using them wrong.
    They need not to be nerfed.
    A proper base would never get tripled with spammy edrag attack.
    It requires perfect execution to triple even an anti-edrag base, mostly with hybrid army w/ queen charge.
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    Edrag is not opt

    People need to stop putting all 4 xbow to ground and all inferno set to multiple.

    set xbow to air and inferno to single, problem solved, now you got a new problem, hybrid

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    When I first started using edrags, I believed they're a very bad troop to go all in with. With so many 1, 2 and 3 star attacks with them now, I still feel the same. They're not that great unless used skillfully.

    Queen walk really requires great skill, so if people get 50% of your base they're probably good with it.
    Using 4-5 healers uses a decent amount of army camp so nerfing them won't even make them worth anymore.

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    In my opinion it all comes down to the EDrag user. I just started TH 11 and a TH12 with level 3 EDrags wasn't able to 3 star my base in CWL. But on the other hand, Itzu posted a video a month ago, where a clan almost won a C1 CWL with only EDrags in all 105 attacks. But I don't think any particular strategy should be nerfed, because you see 3 stars from pros with all kinds of attacks. So nerfing one attack would just put the troops away. Defensive building in general should be buffed.
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    Same as with any strat, if the defense is set up to defend against it, then 3 stars will be a struggle..
    Set up to defend against something else, then it becomes formidable.

    We find that you defend against the most likely oppo attack..
    In crystal league cwl, edrag is the most likely..
    With regular spin, and a few wins on the board, then the oppo is likely to use something a little more complex.

    Swings and roundabouts.. Cant defend against everything.

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