Skull Brawlers #LQJO2282.💀We brawl for stars!!! ⭐⭐⭐

What we offer:

💀Twice A Week Wars.
💀CWL Participation.
💀Max Clan Games.
Max Donations.
💀24 Hour Promotion to Elder.

Requirements to join:

💀TH13 to TH10.
Follow clan rules and be active.

Clan Rules:

💀Use all war attacks.
💀1,000 points in clan games.
💀Follow war plans by attacking only your assigned target or in your assigned zone.
Follow war eligibility. (See below.)

War Eligibility Rules:

💀Rank of Elder.
💀Heroes and Spell factories not upgrading.
💀Clan war preference is set to "I'm in".

Clan Information:

💀Clan Level 15
💀Established: April 2016
💀Clan Tag: #LQJO2282
💀Location: United States
💀Time Zone: EST/GMT -4/5
Clan War League: Gold I

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