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Thread: No Chance at Bingo lines

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    Since there is another Bingo derby tomorrow I thought I would reply with how my neighborhood handles bingo derby's. We start completing every task on the board. We leave the simple task (feed, eggs & milk) for lower level players. As we compmete spots on the board we trash all task we don't need. This means a few of us may have to take some long task (strawberries, wool). We try to hold off on the long task til Thursday.

    There is a glitch that most people don't get lines counted towards their achievements but it does count for some. I got 1 line counted even though we got 3 lines.

    There are some task that do not have 320 point task. I believe Harvest Seaseme on has 318 point task. So be aware of that.

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    This is ridiculous!! Myself and one other member of my neighborhood have deleted 121 tasks and used 100's of diamonds to get tasks. All we get is non bingo tasks or repeat of tasks we trashed. We have a chance at 2 bingos and can't get the tasks to even complete 1 bingo!!! This has been happening since day 1 I started playing the Bingo Derby. I have said something before about this and so have many others. Why has nothing been done??!?!?

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    Unhappy No Bingo here...

    We canít come close to a Bingo...we started to but some of us were deleting the tasks that didnít go with the Bingo line we were trying for. Our Leader wants a non-competitive neighborhood so we stopped deleting tasks. Hay Day doesnít just give you the tasks you need without getting rid of the tasks that donít fit so without deleting we will never get a Bingo again. Especially when Hay Day doesnít give you the opportunity to have the tasks you need to Bingo...

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    Sometimes it’s more about the tasks that you get but would rather not do. Not always, but often.
    We left a 320 pt goat milk task on the board while we trashed and did only bingo tasks. Once we figured out how many tasks each of us could do and still have enough to get bingo lines, we did some of the non-derby tasks. Then kept trashing and trashing.

    When I originally looked at the Bingo Board I would have never guessed that the lines we would have planned for, would not be the ones we actually finished. Our NH of 3 trashed under 300 tasks and only spent diamonds for the 10th task. We did, however, do a few not so quick or easy tasks. These included butter popcorn (29), fishing, & harvesting ginger. I feel lucky to have left that goat milk task on the board.
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    We got lucky in that things were clear early on and we managed to avoid the most time consuming and hard to get tasks

    while waiting for the building specific tasks to come up, we stacked town visitors.

    I donít think we saw a single eggplant or watermelon juice task come up, tho I could be wrong
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