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    In the first post I wrote a book as a suggestion, immediately in this post any award is written. At no point did I write that it was a required book. Maybe the translator translated my language into English a little worse. But mostly the book is not crucial. My suggestion was based only on the fact that too active players have tasks that they can solve for a whole month and receive a reward for that. If the supercell has a statement that it does not want to force players to play longer and that players who play more actively play less because they have nothing to do then good. I agree with you not with the idea that you don't like, but with the sentence that it will put pressure on the players to play longer. My goal was for the players to play longer. If supercell doesn't want that then my suggestion is unnecessary.

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    Gold Pass Extra Points

    Ideas for rewards past the threshold of points. For example in Clash Royale they have a crown to gold reward. Points would equivocate into other rewards after you’ve beaten the Gold/Free Pass

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