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Thread: The farmers Derby 2020 is looking for new players

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    The farmers Derby 2020 is looking for new derby focused players #Y9Y08JYG

    Are you looking for a fresh and new start ? Are you a derby focused person looking for your new hood ? Are you tired of finishing at the bottom of the pack every week ? Well if you answered yes to those then come join us at The Farmers Derby 2020 #Y9Y08JYG . We are a brand new hood looking to start a strong derby hood to win trophies and be at the top. We have a few hoodies coming over after this weeks derby is done so we might be small but not for long .

    Some of the rules for the hood ( every hood has to have a few lol)

    Please complete all tasks in which ever league we are in . If you can not complete just opt out we wonít hold it against you !

    We do tasks that are 320 . We will some derbies for 300 and up if we are up in the derby .

    Be friendly and courteous and help each other out !

    Call out if you need help and we will try to help out as much as we can .

    Everyone will be come elder so they can trash tasks for the derby .

    If you have a baby farm go ahead and bring it over! We always know every storage from those barns help so much .

    We are accepting level 40 and up right now we been burned lately due to new players at low levels . It doesnít mean we wonít accept you lower then 40 we will consider it if you are a derby lover.

    Once you join say hello and let us know you saw us in the ad

    Once again if you canít derby just opt out so it doesnít hurt team .

    We are people who have many derby trophies under our belt . We used to be apart of a very strong derby team that was in the top three every week .

    If you have any questions feel free to ask !

    The Farmers Derby
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    Come check us out ! We are a strong derby hood !only serious derby players only .

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    Level 96 looking for a polite neighborhood that helps whenever possible. I help as much as possible. I do as many derby tasks as possible. Play at least 2-3 times a day.
    saw your add and would love to be part of a great team.

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    H we are interested in joining (two players). Do most of your members also play the train? Are there requirements to have tasks done by the third day (or a specific time) of derby, or just by derbyís end?
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    Come check us out before we he next derby !

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