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Thread: Reactivate Derby Task Glitch?

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    It's such a shame, a few months ago I got a couple of really good members of the 'support staff' and they sorted things out brilliantly, but 99.999% of the time it's either automated or people not up to the job & it makes a HUGE difference. The glitches I can live with (until they can fix them), but the lack of communication is just plain rude & the vast majority of the 'support' is manure.
    Very sad to be losing our much loved forum ~ and many friends
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    Derby Task Reactivation

    I reactivated a derby task but despite completing, I was not credited with the points. No point in reactivating a task if we are not credited with points.

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    This is still happening and I have lot points about 5 times now. Very frustrating. Support has been getting back to me and says they are working on it but that has been quite awhile. No point using this “perk” until this is fixed

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