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Thread: Dark elixir in league shop?

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    Dark elixir in league shop?

    What about adding dark elixir in league shop for 25 medals? Hmmm 10000 dark elixir for 25 medals?
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    Response from Darian, the Supercell Community Manager on this idea.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    The primary reason why Dark Elixir is unavailable for purchase via League Medals is to maintain the scarcity of Dark Elixir as a resource. DE is meant to be the scarcest of resources, and the primary source of DE is meant to be farming. Gold and Elixir is very readily available so allowing it to be purchased via Medals doesn't really impact the game economy all that much. But since DE is the premiere resource with low availability, we prefer to maintain its rarity. This makes attacking other players the main driver for acquiring DE, and thus keeps the game economy healthy.
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