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    Clash of Clans December 2020 Update Sneak Peek #2 - The Log Launcher

    The Log Launcher - This time, Log strikes back!

    In this sneak peek, we’re sharing with you a brand new Siege Machine that is sure to take root in the Clash village. It’s time to branch out and limber up that lumber. Ok, that’s enough Log puns, if you ‘wood’ agree.

    New Siege Machine - The Log Launcher
    The Log Launcher is a bizarre contraption that hurls spiked Logs at its target, steamrolling and damaging anything in its path. The Log Launcher will pummel its way clear as it heads towards the enemy’s Town Hall. Once it reaches its target, the Log Launcher will release its cargo of Clan Castle Troops.

    • Favorite Target: Walls (Damage x4)
    • Damage Type: Area Splash
    • Targets: Ground
    • Housing Space: 1
    • Movement Speed: 5

    Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Damage per Second Hit Points Training Cost Training Time
    1 NA NA 140 4000 100K Gold 20 min
    2 8M Elixir 10 days 160 4400 100K Gold 20 min
    3 11M Elixir 14 days 180 4800 100K Gold 20 min
    4 14M Elixir 16 days 200 5200 100K Gold 20 min

    The Log Launcher is available when you upgrade your Siege Workshop to level 5.

    Siege Workshop Level 5
    Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Hit Points Siege Capacity Unlocks
    16M Elixir 16 days 1400 3 Log Launcher

    Check out the Log Launcher in action!

    What happens when you mix fire and lightning? Stay tuned to find out tomorrow!

    AKA Tank Puppy

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    Sooo, Bye Bye to Wrecker??

    What happens when you mix fire and lightning? Stay tuned to find out tomorrow!
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    Nice 👍😁 . . . .

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    What ? Wait ? I can't believe they actually made a siege machine out of it.

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    Yayyy ......

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    But, surprisingly it actually looks good. Good work, Supercell.

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    Only 10k gold?

    'I would rather be lucky than good', as a small French chap once said.

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    you will have a hard time to find me
    looks good

    I thought the would be a seasonal spell
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