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Thread: Denfensive stats in cwl

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    Check out this site. While it’s not in game stats, it does show you what you want.
    Enter your clan tag, and go down to the bottom of the page for the CWL DATA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Centi81 View Post
    All valid points.

    A few times our leader has given cwl extra medals purely based on who was the top 7 in the attacking stars chart because they just didn't know who to give them to.
    Not taking into account who gets omline to tag their favourite base first etc.
    I'm just suggesting a defensive stat could possibly give another point of view...
    Using bonus medals as prizes is not a good idea IMO. That applies equally to defence or attack.

    We treat bonuses as clan assets & we focus them on the accounts that need help to level up. A star saved on defence is just as good as one won on attack. It's unlikely your top bases can put them to better use than a base with key buildings that need upgrading. Maxed accounts will just stash the medals benefitting no-one until new content drops.

    I will offer bonuses to our top accounts when a new hall drops, but they'll politely decline. They understand that overall strength and progress means better rewards in the longer term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tollboothwillie View Post
    Except cwl's are not matched clan vs clan, so as an example my clan has Th11s and our opponents have th12-13s as their lowers does that mean my Th11s need better bases because th12-13s 3 stared them?
    Itís really no different on the offensive side in this situation. Those th11ís are not going to put up good numbers offensively against the th12-13 opponents. So the request to have defensive stats added isnít there to punish thís in a bad matchup, but rather to have the addition info available for evaluation.

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