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    I didnt have a chance to reach max th in my first 3 years playing. But eventually I caught up except for walls. That was 12. Then 13 came out and it took almost a year to again catch up. Now im ploughing through walls. I could play more and get there faster. But its about right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonHunter1389 View Post
    Th14 is coming in june 2021, so should be max th13 by june 2021, so by another 18 mths time to be max th14, wondering if we can catchup
    June 2021 is the minimum time between TH 13 and 14 releasing. TH 14 might not get released in exactly in June 2021, it can even get delayed.

    Now if you get maxed before June 2021, I hope you will be okay.

    Quote Originally Posted by DragonHunter1389 View Post
    Th12 in 18-20 months thats fast, i have been playing for 6 years.
    Yes that's fast and I am pretty sure he played that village regularly. Besides with gold pass, strategic rushing and proper planning that's very much possible to do.

    As of right now, just make a plan and be strategic with what you upgrade. You can leave behind some walls and troops or spells that you don't use. Once in TH 13 you have upgraded all the necessary things, you can upgrade the stuff that you have hardly used. And yes, you must play regularly.
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    With gold pass every month, with medals, you can catch up to the semi maxed th13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix1027 View Post
    Keep one builder free to use exclusively for walls and then use the other 5 for building/trap/hero upgrades
    that would stymie progress actually. u can still max ur walls pretty fast by upgrading between upgrades.
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