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Thread: is supercell catering to the noobs of coc?

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    A lot of these types of threads boil down to two obvious facts (satire ahead):

    Fact #1: The strategy I use is highly-skilled, and the game should favor that strategy.

    Fact #2: The strategy others wreck my base with is just spam done by a bunch of noobs. It's OP, and should be nerfed into oblivion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow199172 View Post
    For witch attack, you don't zap cc unless it is in range. It should work like before with a extra zap. You can still take 1 scatter down along with some defence.
    Being able to take out only one scatter instead of two is a big change though. Hopefully, we are getting another spell slot.

    Quote Originally Posted by PSEAVEY2838 View Post
    I believe what the issue is, is that zapping the cc isn't skill, it makes many attacks very simple and overpowered. If anything they are trying to make people attack more skillfully and strategically as they will have to worry about cc. Also this is clash of CLANS, a key feature of clans is donating, if you zap away the cc it defeats the whole purpose of defending cc troops
    You think causing the enemy to use 7 spell slots defeats the purpose of the defending cc troops? As for overpowered, the statistics from average players doesn’t support your claim, most likely because now the attacker has 7 less spells to use. Couldn’t one turn your argument around and say the zaps were taking advantage of the unskilled base designers who left a bunch of other defense next to the cc? Now those unskilled base designers are rewarded. If it was just the cc, using 7 spells on it is almost always a waste. It was best on the designs of those who put other high value defense next to it. You say the change takes away an unskilled attack and I say it allows unskilled base designs to go unpunished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    It takes a large portion of your spells. Its a tradeoff. 5 light, 1 quake per scatter. Leaves 1 spell. Do I take poison to kill super minions or freeze to help my wrecker get to the town hall. Keeping your attack going with 1 spell and warden ability takes far more skill than combining the starship boost planet with tie ds or bwings and carpet bombing defenses.
    Leave it out. What you're omitting there is the fact you had to use Tie Interceptors to take out a wall segment and sneak in a kubaz to take the shields down first.

    What's more comparative would have been taking Yavin-4 OP, and dropping 12 tie interceptors straight into the squad centre as it took it straight out. No Rodians or Jumps or smtt to deal with = win everything. Without the Outpost it would have taken like 40 of them which way beyond capacity.

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