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    Game is still crashing today.
    * Level 138 Farm named TerriB's 100 Acre Woods.
    * Thank You, Supercell, for the 2020 Fall Update! I am loving everything!
    * I my NH, Fishing Event, Blossom Derby, my farm bunnies, my Orchard, and filling town orders.

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    Still crashing!!

    So when I throw my tablet across the room, are you going to replace it??!!! Why can't this issue be fixed? This is ridiculous!! I've already told you the OS and android version!

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    There, there.

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    Android 4.4.2. Farm Pass still nothing more than an exit button. Thanks for the effort. I'm sure you planned for a smoother rollout. Of mice and men

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    It's getting a joke there is always glitches I can't even play in the farm pass as it then kicks me off hayday and then hayday keeps reconnecting all time when doing tasks for the Derby since new update
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    Quote Originally Posted by fastchas View Post
    Android 4.4.2. Farm Pass still nothing more than an exit button. Thanks for the effort. I'm sure you planned for a smoother rollout. Of mice and men
    Sadly for you, I have more bad news for you. When I was using Samsung Galaxy Tab3 which runs Android 4.4.2, the game alerted me in game that it will end support for devices running Android versions lower than 4.1 due to technical reasons later in 2019.

    I'd like to suggest checking to see if your current device is able to upgrade to a higher Android OS. If not, you may have to consider buying a device running a higher OS than the current minimum requirement of 4.1. I did and a few months later, my new Tab A upgraded to Android 9. It's worth it because the performance is much smoother than my older device.
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    My game crashes when I go on the road in Farm Pass. I am on Android

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    Farmpass crashing

    I am using a Kindle Fire HD 10 (7. Generation), with Fire OS (which is the latest as of Nov 2020).
    32 GB RAM, at least 15 GB free.
    Hay Day version 1_48_149 from the Amazon App Store.

    Hay Day used to work just fine, it still does, but not the Farmpass. As soon as I try to invoke the Farmpass menu, the game either crashes immediately, or it shows some actions but then crashes after a few seconds at most. This is 100% repeatable on all 3 devices which I own (similar specs).

    All other parts of Hay Day are ok.

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    I'm not sure what was included in the last update but it has not corrected the problem. Android 4.2.2., and no; I'm not going to buy something newer to play on a make believe farm.

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    You can complain about this bug i have it myself too but really supercell dont care about all they care about is money this bug is know for weeks now and i wrote so much tickets to game support and they are bots always answering the same TIME TO UNSTALL HAY DAY FROM MY PHONE get ur act right supercell
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