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    Event shuffle

    Hey i realized during some events such as bonus crop harvest thing, most people just stop buying crops and stick to buying productions and yet there are many who mostly plant and make money. For example right now im trying to sell my pumpkins and i see that everyone else is selling tons of pumpkins and so none of my pumpkins was sold even after couple of ads.
    Plus no one is doing wheat or corns.

    My idea is that you make a specific day for events, and you shuffle all the events and people get a random different event than the others on that day, so everyone has a different objective and there will be diversity in the market so this problem doesnt occur again.
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    So I do see one problem here is that for example if there is a double coin visitor event which a lot of players prepare the day before and the day of for by buying many common products out of the newspapers like the rustic bouquets, peanuts, etc then players who get that event on the first day will get a huge advantage. Usually by the time the event starts most of the common products are gone from the newspaper or sell quickly. So people who do not get that event in the first day will be at a major disadvantage or will have to prepare many more days in advance than those who get that event on the first day. Because by the time the second group of people get the event, a lot of the common products would most likely be gone then it would put everyone after the first group at a major disadvantage.
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