The Forest is a new clan looking to recruit amatuer players to help them practice in war. Our goal is to have people new wars find the correct attack, pick the right war base, and teach them how to attack properly. We try to complete Clan Games everytime and appreciate the effort you guys put in. At the end, we want to help you guys become better players so you are ready to join a more war-heavy clan.

-Frequent wars and you may opt out whenever for upgrades or if you need a break
-How to set up proper war bases and which attack to use
-A great place to learn and grow.
-Spots in CWL and wars will depend on your war stats and effort

IMPORTANT: We are badly in need of someone that can donate Sieges right now, as well as higher TH troops (ED, IG, etc.)

-Be active as much as possible, donate accordingly, and be friendly
-Rushed bases may not be put into war, make sure your troops and heroes are leveled accordingly to your TH
-Listen to instructions as of who to attack in war, don't be a suicidal hero
-Minimum 1,000 points in Clan Games, please try to meet this requirement

How to apply
Please apply by sending a DM to me on Discord: DaN#6567
Or go directly request from our clan link, but I will be asking for verification

​Clan Tag: #2YJ0GCCYL