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Thread: Looking for clan for clan war leagues , th13

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    Looking for clan for clan war leagues , th13

    Been th13 for nearly a month or less , decent heroes


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    [Looking for TH13s/MERGER, we have 8 spaces maybe more] Lv17 | Masters 2 CWL 30v30

    Clan name - DA Boat Racers
    Clan tag - #QYOO89UP
    Clan level - 17
    Clan war league - Masters league 2 (30v30)
    Clan games - Max x2
    War frequency - Back to back
    War log - Open
    Location - UK/US/International
    Language - English speaking

    Adult clan/Competitive/Friendly/Here to have fun

    TH13 not rushed/not engineered (TH12 minis acceptable)
    War leagues are compulsory
    Clan wars are optional
    Do your best in clan games
    Try donate the same amount you request

    Have a question?
    Ask in-game or on discord

    Apply to the clan now, stating 'From forum'

    Clan games - Max x2

    More screenshots

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    Ham Masters level 21 #PYRRJ2V Adult War Clan. We play casually but take war serious through planning out war attack and know how to attack instead of spray and pray. Failure is acceptable. No pressure to 3*. No drama. Very relaxed and friendly with the option to opt in or out as needed. Say Mu0i sent you in request to join. No app to download but you can join the family discord to hang out or ask question

    WichitA (Level 21) Clan Tag #20RJ29PL
    Discord Link
    Wichita Family of 4 Clans Recruiting Thread
    Thanks to TerMinus Prime for the awesome sig/avatar!

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    Recruiting for LEVEL 20 active war clan
    Strong Level 20 war clan, chilled but competitive.

    We have over 400 wins - war log recently had been terrible hence the change of management... we have a solid group of around 30 members ... looking for people mainly to CWL and games... normal wars 3 times a week.

    The clan is a former top 200 UK clan.... top 400 world clan!

    Family clan

    District 13 - main clan #288RVJJ

    Level 20 - District 13 has been running for 7 years, although we are chilled we are competitive, working in Master Leagues for CWL our goal for this year is to hit the Champions league.

    Pick Yer Poison - Sister Clan #LJJPVVLY

    Level 17 established war clan... the clan operates CWL also to ensure our 70 members get the medal rewards... TH11s and below should apply here...

    District 13.5 - Feeder Clan #2Y000GQQU

    Training Clan - TH7s or rushed bases are managed here until they upgrade and move to our main clans.

    Apply through our discord server or message me on here!

    Ares God of War

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    Invite it's coming from POoCH, all we ask always use both attacks.

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    [Recruiting] | Unity Air Force (#U8GRVGo) | TH13 main | Level 22 | Champs 2 | Social / War | Independent

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    TheCrimsonKeep is a serious, adult, level 20 war clan established in March 2015 and still going strong. We have a solid core, we're always improving our skills, and we're always looking for the top talent. We're recruiting balanced th12+ accounts that like strong competition in CWL and regular wars, participate in clan games, and are cool with using Discord.

    Contact us in-game #JQVJVUR or on Discord.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Our clan family:

    • TheCrimsonKeep (#JQVJVUR): Serious war clan. Adults only. Recruiting th12+.
    • TheCrimsonKeep2 (#GVVU90VU): Casual war clan. Recruiting balanced th11+.
    • TheCrimsonGate (#8J9QVPRCQ): Feeder war clan. Recruiting th10+.
    • TheCrimsonTower (#2Y9QJ8QPG): Feeder war clan. Recruiting th9+.

    TheCrimsonKeep (#JQVJVUR): Serious war clan. Adults only. th12+.
    TheCrimsonKeep2 (#GVVU90VU): Casual war clan. Takes a day off between wars. th11+.
    TheCrimsonGate (#8J9QVPRCQ): Feeder war clan. th10+.
    TheCrimsonTower (#2Y9QJ8QPG): Feeder war clan. th9+.

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    Hello. I run a Level 17 Clan in Masters III called Short Circuit. We are recruiting more TH12+ players like yourself to help push us through the Master Leagues. We have a solid core team of TH12 & TH13 that work well together in wars and CWL. Our clan always finishes Clan Games, wars B2B and often doing friendly challenges. Please consider our clan as your next home. Details are as follows:



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