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Thread: Farm Pass idea

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    Farm Pass idea

    It would be great if there was another option to obtain a farm pass. As not everyone is able to pay the amount needed to obtain.

    In South Africa itís a R100.00(zar) which is 6.51 usd. Which might not seem like a lot to other people but can be quite expensive if you have to purchase this (and also for everytime this event is running).

    Maybe an additional purchase option could be considered

    * diamonds
    * heyday game 💰
    * additional tasks

    Please note by no means am I stating it should be free. I understand the game needs to be fair. But there also should be understood that not all players have the means to physically purchase items.

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    Yeah I agree with the fact that the pass should be obtainable still by people who don’t or aren’t able to spend real life money on the game. I think they should do something similar to what they had done when they introduced a pass system in another Supercell game Brawl Stars back in May. In Brawl Stars they made it so that if you completed the pass every season, you would be able to buy a pass every other season if you didn’t spend your gems (currency similar to diamonds) in anything else. For example, a Brawl Stars pass costs 169 gems per season but if you got everything in the free side you would get between 80-90gems so buying a pass every other season would be easy to do without spending real life money. Since in Hay Day the diamonds can be used for a lot of different things and can be obtained in many different ways compared to Brawl Stars (gems can only be obtained through the pass or buying them with real life money in the game) maybe the free side of the farm pass could have something called “pass points” which you could use to buy the pass as an alternative to using real life money. For example every season you could gain up to 5 pass points if you completed everything and a pass would cost 10 pass points, so every other season you could buy a farm pass. This makes it so that it’s not unfair to the people who spend money because they can still get an advantage by spending money to get a paid pass every season.
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    This would be a much better idea, the farm pass is too expensive.

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    I agree it should be obtainable for all players, i also dont agree that the new accessory is only available for people who pay, thats not fair! That you pay for extra perks ok, but the fun accessory should be available to all!

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    Great idea! I would like to have an opportunity to get the farm pass without spending real money. We already have game money, diamonds, vouchers, blue prints and land permits. Some of theese should be valid currency.

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