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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruggers34 View Post
    Definitely super wall breakers. There da bomb
    What about super barbarians? They are really sharp.

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    Super Wall breakers for yourself, sneakies for donations. We use sneakies a lot in blimps for jumps or to snipe TH. They are also great to loot with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rizzob View Post
    Super Minions require a lvl 8 minion to unlock, which requires a lvl 10 lab, which requires TH12. OP is TH11.
    Oh ok, yeah I thought he was just asking in general, like a poll type question. Didn't get that he was asking what HE himself could donate.

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    Super Minions for Defensive castles.
    Super Goblins to fill blimps that take down TH.
    Super wall breakers to use of your own.
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