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Thread: Crystal 2 CWL

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    Crystal 2 CWL

    Our clan is in Crystal 2 , we haven't played cwl since December 2019. We are not sure what townhalls opponents we will get.

    What is the townhall breakdown in generally at Crystal 2??

    Would help us a lot.


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    If a war is placed 30 v 30 ..
    Then 10-15 th 12 13..
    Rest th 11 (mostly)and below

    But not fully sure..
    This is according to 2 months previous cwl of our clan.
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    Are you playing 15-15 or 30-30?

    At 15-15 you'll see anywhere from 3 to 15 TH13, and (rarely/sometimes) there still CAN be those with only 1 or 2 ... rest is th12, 11 and some 10, very rarely any 9's

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    We got a massive project going on where we gather CWL data every month. See my signature for the thread.

    Here's the estimates of what's expected to be viable:

    Notice that's its given as an interval based on the 'normal' gold weight for a particular TH.

    So yeah, go take a look. And don't hesitate if you have questions about it.
    Just finished CWL? Post your data here:

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    Same tier as us..
    Luck of the draw plays a big part in this mixed bag..
    In our experience, we have seen all 13 roster, and we have seen rosters with multiple 10s, and even 0 TH13s..
    As an average, 2-4 TH13s, some 12s, and quite a few TH11s, with the odd TH10 on some rosters.
    Progression ranges from solid close to max 13s, down to rushed bases..
    Playing skill ranges from pretty good down to Hmm..
    War day activity will play a large part in the clans fortunes too, as missed attacks in this league is commonplace.

    So roll the dice, and see where it lands..
    Good luck.

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    My clan has been in C2 for quite a while now...
    On average, I’d say you’d face 6 13s, 5 or so 12s, and the rest 11s. A th10 may be sprinkled in here and there. A decent amount of 13s and 12s are rushed however.

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