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Thread: 2 different accounts stuck on loading screen

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    2 different accounts stuck on loading screen

    After contacting supercell in help chat, I explained I joined a req and leave clan, and my game froze, closed the app and opened it but wasn't getting past loading screen. Deleted and reinstalled the game, still not moving past loading screen. Supercell then told me there is nothing they can do. I decided to test the clan with another account on a different device, and as soon as I logged into that clan, game froze and the exact same thing happened!!!!!! I'm unable to log into either of those accounts and supercell said there's nothing they can do... any advice

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    Try restarting your modem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tollboothwillie View Post
    Try restarting your modem.
    I have 4 other accounts that are working perfectly normal... it's when I joined the req and leave clan with both accounts that this happened

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    When I view the clan from my other account I can see that no1 is donating in that clan... which is odd for a req and leave, which tells me they are all stuck there unable to log into their accounts, just like my 2 accounts

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