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    I was Banned for phishing

    I wasn't phishing I was just trying to remove Supercell id from my account on my mum's phone since it was her email.I wanted to use mine I contacted help and support and they asked me a couple of questions I answered correctly but when they asked me my last login, I wasn't sure because I had a little brother who could have taped to play anytime. But I personally hadn't opened it in a while then my game closed which was weired I re-opened it and it said I was banned for phishing for 31 days.This isn't right please. I've tried to contact Supercell through the game but they have done nothing about it I've spent a lot of time on YouTube searching for another way and I found this way please give me feedback please I was banned falsely.Thank you.I hope I receive feedback.

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    According to the ToS, if you let your little brother play your account, you should have been banned permanently for account sharing.

    You are lucky it was just a 31 day ban, even though it was for the wrong reason. But I'm not surprised they thoughht it was phishing if you couldn't tell them the last time you logged on.

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    Asking the last login is probably the wrong thing to use for banning. This especially does not work with a player who doesn't login often. I play every single day but if you asked me what time I last login I wouldn't know.

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