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Thread: Friendly Battle Cooldown.

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    Friendly Battle Cooldown.

    This feature is a very annoying feature, which makes you wait 24 hour after moving a small wall or making a new base, and it gets very annoying after a while. I want this feature removed as it takes up my time and always resets for no reason.

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    This idea is ruled out for very good reason. The 24 hour cooldown is to prevent players from copying and sandboxing enemy war bases. Without the cooldown your enemies would be able copy your war base, friendly challenge it repeatedly until they can consistently 3 star it, then do their war attack for an easy win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nothingbetter View Post
    What if there will feature, if more than 5 walls or 2 buildings moved in a 24 hr span then there will be cooldown? I think this should work well. It would require some coding, but it is worth it, as this would reduce the frustration of players who by mistake moved one wall or a building 😅.

    That is already over here⬇:

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