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Thread: Got over 5000 trophies with this base!!!

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    Cool Got over 5000 trophies with this base!!!

    This layout is probably the strongest layout for non-maxed bases that exists. At this trophy range, I am almost always matched against maxed bases, while keeping crushers and lava launcher at level 5. Check for yourself, my tag is #8G9GU9GJL. I therefore claim to be the s#ittiest looking base over 5k jupiiii!

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    Grats to you, but there is nothing special about that base and you getting to 5k is more about where everyone else is at. People who have a totally maxed base like me spam troops once a day for a star and dont play again until the next day.

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    If the base gives you 5000 trophies then you also have to include your attack strat and you need to back your claim up with evidence

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    Its simply a variant of one of the common base designs. Congrats on keeping over 5k but I suspect it's more due to attacking skill than the base.
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