Clan Information:

Name: Next “Red Devil”

Level: 12

Type: Clan Wars, Clan War League, Clan Games

League: Crystal 2

Location: USA

About Us:

Next “Red Devil” (or just Red Devil for short) is a clan composed of a core group of players who have routinely played the game for the better part of the last decade. Most of us have come from competitive warring clans and have a large amount of warring experience between us.

What are we looking for?

We’re currently looking for a few additional players (TH 11 +) to flesh out the remainder of our CWL roster. We have done exceptionally well in CWL over the past few months, but we are also looking for players of any town hall level to hang out and participate in clan games. We were previously in Masters CWL and hope to push back up there soon. So far, we have never not capped a Clan Games in recent memory and tend to win-out our CWL.

TH War Requirements:

  • Non-rushed TH’s only
  • Town Halls 11+
  • Demonstrate good attacking knowledge
  • Must be on our clan discord

What can we offer you?

  • Fun, competitive atmosphere to play and war in. We here at Red Devil recognize that CoC is just a game and real life happens outside of it. All we ask is if you aren’t going to be warring to please set your war status to off. If you absolutely cannot make your attacks due to unforeseen circumstances, you must let leadership know.
  • Monthly Clan Game capping!
  • Knowledgeable players that are excited to share and help others
  • As much loot as your storage can hold!

How to join?

  • If you’re interested in joining our clan, feel free to drop a message on this thread or message me directly. You can also join our discord and request to be added to the clan from there 😊
  • Discord:
  • Clan Tag: #JY2QUYYU

Direct join link: