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Thread: Clan Chat Filter Bleeps EVERYTHING

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    Clan Chat Filter Bleeps EVERYTHING

    The clan chat filter has gotten all kinds of messed up. To my understanding, if you have a person 16 or below in the clan, it now automatically filters the chat. Unfortunately, it bleeps out EVERYTHING that needs to be said. It bleeps out names of teammates, the word discord, the email or phone number of our leader who coordinates everything, and so many other odd things. I get that this game should be safe for everyone, but there nothing wrong with the old way of “filtering” the chat (where it allowed each person to choose). Please either delete this new feature, or fix what it filters. This game is amazing, thank you for all of your hard work. I saw in one of y’all’s videos that there is a very small team working on clash. You guys are killing it. Thank you,

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    Yes. The new filter really sucks. It filters way too much. Having normal conversation can be a challenge. SC has said that they are looking into ways to improve the filter. Hopefully something happens next year.

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    This feature is completely unnecessary and extremely annoying. That's what the individual filter is for. There's no reason to apply the filter to everyone. Besides, it's going haywire! You can't even have a normal conversation. I typed "what on earth is causing this problem?" And got a solid ******** out. Not even any spaces, just a bunch of *. It " filtered" my entire perfectly normal sentence. It's absurd! We only have this problem in one of our 6 clans, which makes no sense. We have many of the same people in that clan that have accounts in others. And we have youngsters in most of our clans. You guys don't need to fix the feature, you need to remove it. It's redundant and it doesn't work correctly.

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    Btw, it's going to cause the younger players to give up because they can't talk to anyone and the rest of the players to ostracize the young ones who don't give up because it's messing up the entire clan's chat. If you want to continue bringing young people to the game, get rid of the broken filter.
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