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Thread: How earthquake spells work on walls

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    How earthquake spells work on walls

    wiki stats that the 2nd eq on the same structure will do 1/3 of its normal damage ,the 3rd will do 1/5 and so on. My question is how much damage the 2nd,3rd and 4th eq will do on the same wall?

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    It also says:

    • Successive Earthquake Spells on the same building do significantly less damage, but successive Earthquake Spells against the same Walls do more damage. In particular, 4 successive Earthquake Spells at any level can take down any level of Walls.

    I’m unsure of exact % but 4 EQ at any level EQ will take out any level wall.

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    For a max earthquake, the first one does 29% damage (full), second one does 9.7% (1/3 of full), third one does 5.8% (1/5 of full), fourth one does 4.1% (1/7 of full).

    So 4 max earthquakes does ~48% damage to buildings, but for walls there is a special feature where the 4th earthquake automatically destroys them (even 4 level 1 earthquakes)
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    On Walls, the damage increases after every following Earthquake. The 4th one just so happens to be enough to fully destroy the Walls

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    A bit of addition yes any lvl 4 eq does open any lvl wall but the raduis does depend on eq lvl

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    If you are trying to complete a clan games challenge for levelling walls it goes really quick with 8 eq spells.
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