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Thread: New troop Minotaur

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    New troop Minotaur

    Hello, I had an idea of troops. They are mystical or fairy tale creatures just like the other troops. The Minotaur. the difference between minotaur and the troops is that he will ram/run when it is spawned (or supercell can change it so that it rams once time has been waited.)
    Same housing space as the yeti and will have 12% or more hp then the max yeti( Or supercell can balance it's hp)
    His ramming attack will do 3, 4, or 5 (supercell can balance this as well) times more damage then
    I will say this, He will do around the same damage as a max yeti. He is like the side character of Yeti.

    Now lets move to appearence
    The Minotaur is half human half bull. He won't have any human skin. I wan't it to be scarier then the first profile picture of the dragon. Idk what weapon he helds. mostly an axe but I feel like a hammer is never used in troops so that would be neat. He will have white eyes for his profile picture but when he is spawned on a base his eyes will be red.

    Now how will he sound like?
    He will sound close to a hog rider when spawned. When he charges he will release a like a whistle train sound, You know what I mean Right?!

    What will he go for?
    Idk if he should just attack defense because I feel like that would make him OP but supercell can choose I guess. What if he rams for a wall then attacks a building nearby after attacking a wall, that would be nice right? maybe it's raming ability can do 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 times more damage to walls. If he doesn't ram in time then he will attack any nearby enemies.

    How can he be useful for strategy?
    Maybe he can be useful for breaking walls and clearing buildings nearby to let troops in idk . funneling and destroying buildings around the base that do not use Minotaur, then using one or more Minotaur to open and clear obstacles in the middle.

    I think this troop can fit perfect for clash of clans because it has something unique that other troops don't have, I mean literally all troops have their own unique thing. People will learn about Minotaur if added.

    Thank you for your time

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    This idea is quite similar to the minotaur of Mobile Legends Bang Bang.
    Quiting clash of clan good bye clashers

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