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Thread: Mid-evening Valley reset???

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    Exclamation Mid-evening Valley reset???

    iPhone OS 14.2, Hay Day v. 1.48.149; playing in US Eastern time zone.

    Up until something under 2 hours ago, my "earn fuel" tasks had been planting chili peppers, tossing in duck/lobster traps, and (I think) a generic "feed animals". I'm pretty sure I'd finished my four daily quests. I'd gotten most of the way to my 1000-point spin, and was starting to re-plant my fields with more chilis (I've been using a pair of crop boosters today), and noticed I wasn't getting any fuel spin points. Checking in the Valley, I found that my "earn fuel tasks" had changed (probably at midnight GMT) to to planting Strawberries, feeding cows, and catching one-fish; my fuel spinner had reset to needing 20 points; and my truck had a quartet of unfinished daily quests.

    It seems the optional update has tweaked the valley reset time from 8AM GMT (which is what I'm pretty sure it was before I applied the option update) back to midnight GMT (which it has been set to in the past, but reportedly as a mistake), even though valley start was and end will be at 8AM GMT. This glitch seems likely to substantially impact game play for all valley-active players.

    (Or maybe I'm just going crazy.)
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    Its happening on some of my farms, someday it reset 8 hours early (12 am UTC), someday at normal time (8 UTC).
    there is no fixed pattern, its just random.

    check fuel reset timer. it will show the remaining time when the task and quest will reset. It will help to plan accordingly.

    when it resets it can give the next day's quest/task or new task/quest of wheat/corn. on the plus side it can give you extra chance for collect more fuel and completing extra quest. I was behind on my daily quests (because of no group task appearing in valley), but i was able to cover up because of this glitch/bug.
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