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Thread: I need a clan I have 2 accounts th12 and th8

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    I need a clan I have 2 accounts th12 and th8

    I need a clan where I can use both accounts in war both bases are not rushed. I am very active I have over 800 attack won this season on my th12 account I only have been th12 for 3 weeks and almost maxed my walls and troops I gem wait times for upgrades so my offensive is close to max and my th8 is close to max and I will be going to th9 soon. I am very competing and looking for a active clan.

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    Drop by and say hi

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    May 2017
    Total Kaos level 20 clan
    Th9 and up
    Active USA/Canada based
    Adults 18+
    Clan Games always maxed quickly
    Active/quick Donations
    Sister clan Sultra Fighter lvl 14 clan

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    Both accounts are welcome in regular clan wars, but only TH12 can war in CWL. We bring all accounts for bonus medals though. Let me know if you have any question about the clan.

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    We are TollyMore irons and you would be more than welcome to join

    We have 49 members currently but if you let me know if your going to join or just pop around let us know we have a few people on the list to go

    Looking forward to talking with you

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    We'd love to have both accounts. The more the merrier! We're a new clan and we will be very active in wars, games, and CWL. If you'd like to be an important part of our success please check us out.

    Haxion Brood #29CP90JV8
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    OverSea RECRUITING - USA/UK clan #8URC0L0Q

    #8URC0L0Q we've cleaned out the riff-raff so feel free to drop by

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    #J02CPL8J WorldWideWar...

    Very active and quick donating clan.
    Your both accounts can play normal wars but currently we are recruiting TH12+ for CWL Decemver'20.
    If you wish, you can visit and have a feel of our clan. Just say "from forum" when sending join request.

    Thank you.

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    Hey, based on your post I think you would actually be a great fit for our clan. We’re a clan comprised of a lot of real life friends that do quite well in CWL while not making the game our entire life. We also manage to cap clan games every month. Most of us have been playing the game for the better part of the last decade, so we definitely have the resources available to help out where needed and push each other to our best. If you’re seriously looking for a clan, I would ask you check us out! I have a post here with our discord information and clan quick-join:
    If you have any questions, please just let me know. Happy clashing!

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    sent you a PM

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