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    elexir loot does not count to the season perk when elexir storage is full

    I am TH8 near max, a few days after the start of the season, my elexir storages were full. I bought the season pass and now gold perks is nearly full, elexir perks is still around 6 mio. because loot does not count to the season perks, when the storages are full. It‘s a kind of double loss ;-)
    i was not aware of that fact, otherwise I wouldn‘t have bought the season pass. The main reason for me was, to have a lot of elexir after the upgrade to TH9. For Gold I don‘t care.
    Even when the storages are full, the loot should count to the season perks.

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    It has been that way since the 2nd or 3rd season of Gold Pass.

    The season bank only increases by the amount you actually gain from looting, so if your storages are full, it doesn't increase.

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    There is such system so that the people cannot stack season bank on season bank and hoard tons of loot.

    Basically, the season bank stores an amount equal to what had been added to your storage by raiding. Though you can loot when storages are full, you are unable to add it to your storage. So that is not accumulated.

    Consider it as a lesson learnt and plan it better next time.

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    No it should not, for the very simple reason that anyone could rack up unlimited loot before an upgrade or an update.

    It's unfortunate that you have only realised this so late in the season, but here's a few tips to help you get as much as possible in the final 4 days.

    Do not top up your storages under any circumstances, do not empty: the treasury; elixir collectors; the loot cart or collect GP elixir rewards. Donate as many troops as you can, which may not be an option as a TH8, unless you can self donate or have clanmates that really, really aren't fussy.

    Use all, or almost all, elixir troops & spells; in normal circumstances you'd build up your SB with the cost of your army if your elixir is maxed. Finally, as a last resort, you could try cooking all wallbeakers (I believe they are the most expensive elixir troop by housing space) & the most expensive spells you have before your last raid of a session. Delete them before queueing your two regular armies before logging out.

    Edit: You could also try putting your elixir collectors and storages in easily accessible locations. You could also remove any shield and/or guard before logging out. Any loot you encourage others to take will help empty your storages a little.
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